Can Branded Content Go Programmatic? [Video]

By May 7, 2019 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

The future of branded content is programmatic.

Yes, you heard that right. But that may also leave you with questions: How can in-depth, customized brand storytelling — that often requires tons of heavy lifting and resources — be delivered programmatically?

TripleLift Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Ari Lewine recently took the stage at PROGRAMMATIC I/O San Francisco to show how we’re changing the face of branded content to make this a reality. No, this doesn’t mean we can create authentic, compelling content using bots in 200 milliseconds. Programmatic is often associated with ads that can be transacted through real-time bidding, but programmatic is a philosophy by which brands can help simplify content creation and extend the reach of that content to target consumers.

“When we talk about branded content going programmatic, we’re talking about applying the basis of programmatic, which is, ‘how do we use technology, data, and automation to make media more effective, simpler to execute, and more scalable?’” — Ari Lewine

TripleLift has a history of being the first to invent, power and scale ads that earn consumer attention. Five years ago, TripleLift was the first technology company to allow advertisers to transact in-feed, native ads programmatically through RTB via their DSP of choice. Now, non-social native programmatic is an industry that has amassed $10.4 billion in ad spend, according to eMarketer.

In that spirit, TripleLift is now leveraging technology and data to bring programmatic to branded content — a segment of advertising that continues to face hurdles in creation, launch, and measurement. Brands, agencies, and publishers looking to access and build more robust branded content campaigns will find these new developments enlightening.

Watch Ari Lewine’s full PROGRAMMATIC I/O San Francisco presentation now.