Reinventing ad placement

one medium at a time.


Apartment Therapy Nike sponsored Ad Apartment Therapy Qantas sponsored ad Apartment Therapy Quaker Oats sponsored ad

In-Feed Native

Be seen.

Stand out and blend in with eye-catching ads that match the look and feel of their environment.


Enhance the story.

Resonate with audiences through integrations that put your brand directly into the narrative.

Branded content oola brita article Branded content purewow brita article Branded content brita facebook

Branded Content

Form meaningful connections.

Create new opportunities with authentic brand stories that scale across multiple publishers and platforms.


Branded Video

Be remembered.

Make memorable moments with in-feed videos that feature customized branding.

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Native Advertising
July 2, 2020

Apple’s Privacy Move Throws a Proprietary Wrench into Advertising’s Collaborative Process

This article is written by Julia Shullman, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at TripleLift. It was originally featured in AdAge. This week, Apple announced several new privacy features for devices and…
Native Advertising
July 1, 2020

TripleLift is the Go-to Alternative for Facebook

Is your brand socializing with content you’d rather not be on Social? More than 100 brands are pulling ads from Facebook and are boycotting the platform for allowing the spread…
AnnouncementNative Advertising
June 26, 2020

Pride Never Ends

A post by Henry Holmes,Sr. Interaction Design & Engineer,DE&I Co-Representative for LGBTQIA+ at TripleLift If any of us were sitting in TripleLift’s NYC headquarters today we could step outside and…

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