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The ad industry is increasingly operating in cookie constrained environments. TripleLift Audiences packages audience segments spanning third-party and first-party data to deliver outcomes for advertisers today and in a cookieless future.

Elevated by our placement-level optimization, commitment to first-party data, and award-winning data activation technology, TripleLift Audiences enables audience targeting where you need it most.

Curated for you. Easy to buy.

TripleLift’s Curated Audiences are built for you and maintained by us, available for activation now. These deal types include content and performance based deals, as well as curated segments based on publisher first-party data. With multiple activation options it's easy and effective to hit more of your outcomes.

Content Deals

Create relevance through cultural, vertical, seasonal and content metadata-level deals.

Performance Deals

Optimize for specific outcomes like high click-through rate, high viewability or high video completion rate.

Publisher First-Party Data Deals

Leverage publisher data, powered by our proprietary 1plusX technology, to reach your audience across cookieless browsers.

PMPs and PG Deals

Activate your way with Private Marketplace (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PG).

Extend your reach by 47% across cookieless browsers TODAY with TripleLift Audiences.

Built by you. Activated by us.

Future Offering

In a world without third-party cookies, TripleLift Custom Audiences will enable advertisers to leverage their first-party data in secure ways to reach their ideal outcomes when third-party cookies go away.

Use cases include:

  • Advertiser first-party data retargeting based on a known list of consumers
  • Advertiser first-party data audience expansion allows for lookalike modeling based on a known list of consumers

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