Leveraging Native Programmatic as the Way to Mom’s Heart

By April 15, 2015 No Comments

The mother of all spring holidays is Mother’s Day – historically the third-largest retail holiday of the year.  No surprise, we all love our mothers, and last year consumers spent $20 billion to show just how much.  According to new data by the National Retail Foundation, 76 percent of consumers plan to spend the same, if not more on Mother’s Day gifts.  For marketers, native programmatic may be the sweetest way to reach these shoppers.

Native programmatic represents a smart way for brands to hone in on a Mother’s Day shoppers with a timely message. Not only does programmatic offer marketers the opportunity to use data and insights about who their most receptive audience is and target them across the web, the added benefit that native brings is a rich canvas for them to share informative content that enriches the audience experience. For Mother’s Day in particular, that may be a buyer’s guides, or tips for creating a special day, etc. Native inventory enables marketers to deliver messages outside of the historical formats where readers are typically not paying attention. What’s more, since seasonal campaigns like Mother’s Day can be influenced by real-time news and events, it’s easy to update and tweak native creative to react to external circumstances.

To implement a native programmatic strategy, first and foremost, the message should be contextually relevant to the site its on.  Be sure the websites you run on are in line with your product or service to make your Mother’s Day campaign feel like a natural addition to the site.

Of course it’s also important to combine seasonal targeting insights with contextual and psychographic data. Ask yourself questions your data can answer – Did you consumers show a pattern of buying flowers or chocolates?  Are they searching for gift ideas more this time of year? And don’t forget to leverage gender categories to find the right audience, or target users who have historically made relevant seasonal purchases.

Native programmatic is bringing credibility back to digital and creating an opportunity for marketers to execute branding campaigns which give them a beautiful canvas to tell their story – and do so in the most cost-efficient way possible.  Now that’s something even a Mother can love.