How Advertisers Can Help Mom Get All the Attention She Deserves [Infographic]

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Mother’s Day can be a powerhouse holiday for advertisers. Last year, consumers were projected to spend an estimated average of $180 per person, totaling a whopping $23.1 billion in spend in the U.S. Ready to capitalize on spend this holiday season? Check out our infographic that tracks industry trends of how much consumers spend on gifts, and when and where they shop most for the holiday.


Mother's Day Consumer Shopping Trends 2019 Infographic

Recommendations for Brands

As brands and agencies enter the buying season for Mother’s Day, here are important things to keep in mind for developing campaigns that successfully drive both awareness and purchases.

Keep Targeting Highly Personal

Targeting for this holiday will come down to two major factors: age group and what they value. For example, if you’re targeting Millennials and Generation Z, keep in mind the platforms and publishers where they spend the most time, but also the fact that 45% of 18 to 34-year olds plan on giving experience gifts like trips, concerts, and memberships. Because every age group will be actively purchasing for Mother’s Day, your campaigns should consider where each group consumes content and what they are most likely to purchase.

Amplify storytelling with your formats.

Run-of-the-mill ads will do you no favors when it comes to sentimental, personal holidays like Mother’s Day. Brands can stand out by focusing on compelling stories that evoke emotions of love, gratitude, and gratefulness. Ad formats like branded video, cinemagraph, and carousel that integrate motion and interactivity can give you more room for creating compelling stories.

Mirror Your Schedule to Spending Habits

Over 13% of shoppers start as early as a month before the holiday, more than a quarter of shoppers start two weeks ahead of the holiday, and nearly 50% complete their shopping within 24 hours before the big day. Your creative messaging may shift accordingly from “buy early” calls to action to “get those last minute gifts now.” And so will your campaign goals: Early shoppers may purchase successfully online, while late shoppers will need help accessing nearby physical locations to purchase gifts for their loved ones. Early planning will ensure you make the most of the Mother’s Day buying season.