Decoding SPO: The Guide for Unlocking More Efficiency [Download]

By October 25, 2019 December 16th, 2019 No Comments

Supply Path Optimization (SPO) is the industry’s latest buzzword — for good reason. Buyers have long struggled with the downsides of header bidding, including duplicative auctions, media waste, and little insight into the value of convoluted supply paths. SPO is meant to be the long-awaited answer to this lack of transparency, but SPO is also a series of approaches that means different things to different buyers. Data shows that reducing hops can help you increase ROI, but before you make major changes to your supply paths, it’s important to know which moves will be the most effective.

We broke through the noise to identify:

  • What SPO is and how it can be beneficial to you
  • How you can work with your exchange to gain transparency
  • How you can identify the most valuable supply sources and take action

It’s time to get better insight into what you’re buying. Our latest whitepaper, Decoding SPO, will help you understand how to approach Supply Path Optimization to get more efficiency and drive value for your campaigns. Download the guide now.

Decoding SPO [Download]

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