The Value of Digital Storytelling During A Time of Disruption [Video]

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Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to keep your brand top of mind and create new connections with consumers. What happens during a time of disruption? How can brands unlock consumer attention without coming across as tone-deaf or insensitive? 

TripleLift explored how to effectively approach digital storytelling amidst today’s challenges and limitations with Erin Vogel, SVP, Content Lead, Central Region at Spark Foundry, and Dan Richardson, Senior Partner, Managing Director, Invention+ at Mindshare. Our GM of Branded Content, Jason Kleinman, moderated the conversation.

Authenticity is key.
Authenticity can be framed around a simple question: Does your brand support Gay Pride and your employees beyond creating a rainbow logo in June? Mattel launched “Play Room” and made downloads and printables available in reaction to insights that play is still important. Audible made books of various education levels available in different languages, immediately. 

Recognize and support your users.
Who helps sell your products? Miller Lite made a donation and set up a virtual tip jar to support millions of bar and service staff out of work. 

Recessions tend to drive innovation.
Brands are getting scrappy to develop platforms. With production limitations, some are reusing assets and tapping users and creators to develop an authentic story. Chefs are creating demos in their home kitchens with brands’ products. 

Will consumers’ changed behaviors become ingrained?
People are now used to getting things delivered and cooking at home. What will life look like when we come out on the other side? Initially pantry stocking was a big focus of consumer behavior. Can brands provide value with recipes so that these products are used in meals. 

Navigating Corporate Social Responsibility.
As brands wade into the good will space, how do they break through? It’s worth considering what their customers are struggling with. How are they treating their employees? 

What are they doing for society?

  • Reliable advice and context – Balance providing valuable information vs injecting a polarized or political position. Coke used their platform to show that they trust science without associating themselves with a political side.
  • Know your audience – How do they feel about a specific set of events? Nike weighed this, and the fight that might follow, when they created their campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

What kind of value and entertainment can you offer?
Support creators and users of your products by having chefs host cooking demonstrations in their home kitchens. 

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With nearly 150 participants across brands, agencies, publishers, and technology partners – we are especially thrilled to share that we continued our company-wide initiative, Every Meeting Makes a Difference , by donating to World Central Kitchen to fund warm and fresh meals for COVID-19 frontline workers.