The Future of Storytelling: Industry Thought Leaders Reveal What’s Next for Video Advertising

By November 25, 2019 January 1st, 2020 No Comments

In a world where advertisers are constantly competing for consumer attention, how can brands stand out? By prioritizing authentic storytelling. This is especially critical for video advertising, because strategic changes can make or break whether an ad gets watched or ignored.

TripleLift set out to find out how thought leaders in the industry are using video to cut through the noise and make real connections with audiences. We invited Alyson Griffin, VP of Global Marketing at Intel; Dave Kersey, SVP Group Director at Carat; and Beth Traglia, Director, Content Strategy and Social Media Marketing at Farmers Insurance to our ‘The Future of Video Storytelling’ event in Los Angeles to discuss how they leverage video advertising to tell authentic stories. TripleLift’s General Manager of International, John Stoneman, moderated the conversation.

So, what’s next for video advertising?

Brands will need to leave their comfort zones and take creative risks in order to stand out. Watch the full video below to see how brands are creating concierge-level experiences with personalized video, why over-branding can actually break trust, and how a willingness to fail may just generate the best ideas.