Who We Are

Who We Are

TripleLift is a technology company rooted at the intersection of creative and media.

We are an advertising platform where creative fits seamlessly into every experience across desktop, mobile and video.

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We help make advertising work for everyone.

Advertising is important.

It gives us a free press, enables us to connect with friends and funds our favorite content.

TripleLift makes ads that work for everyone: Publishers, who seek greater monetization – Advertisers, who require better performance – Consumers, who want better ad experiences.

This has been true from the first day of our existence, and it remains true today.

We didn’t invent advertising, but we are making advertising better.

Scroll further to learn more about who we are, how we work and explore ways to join the team.

Core Values

Core Values

We have five core values that guide our work.

Win As A Team

We are a team of great people that like who they work with and want to make everyone around them better. This means being positive, collaborative, and compassionate. We embrace diversity and create equitable opportunities to help our teammates

Embrace and Drive Change

We are in a dynamic and competitive ecosystem. This means we need to move quickly, react to change and embrace it. We continuously innovate, which means plans and processes are never static. TripleLifters are comfortable with discomfort.

Learn and Grow

We commit to self-improvement in both knowledge and performance. This means taking extra steps to learn about your craft and our industry. It means seeking feedback and growing from it, and proactively taking steps to improve. It also means learning about our customers, how they view the market, and how we drive their success.

Take Initiative

We step up whenever there’s an opportunity. When we see an issue, we take ownership. This means improving what we touch, proposing solutions, and seizing every opportunity.

Crush It Daily

We work harder and are hungrier than the competition. Hustle is magnified by working smarter and making sure that your efforts maximize output for yourself and those around you.



In 2012, our founders were working at a major ad tech company of the time. They identified a problem worth solving.

Ads were constrained — locked into fixed spaces that weren’t working. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google had cracked the code placing ads directly into the feed.

Their launch idea was to create better ads for the open web — to take what the platforms had done and bring it to everyone else.

They soon realized that their technology would benefit 3 different constituencies: advertisers, publishers and consumers.

They named the company TripleLift, because our solutions lift the fortunes of all three of these groups.

Since then, the business has grown exponentially, as measured by products, geographies, employees and revenue.

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Eric Berry
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ari Lewine
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Jacqueline Quantrell
Chief Revenue Officer
Steven Berns
Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Andrew Eifler
Chief Product Officer
Jordan Bitterman
Chief Marketing Officer
Julia Shullman
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Simon Adell
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Jaison Zachariah
Senior Vice President, Technology
John Stoneman
Senior Vice President, Global Demand
Michael Lehman
Senior Vice President, Global Supply
Jen Lee
Vice President, Global Partner Management
Sonja Kristiansen
Vice President, Global Platform Partnerships
Ben Winkler
Senior Vice President, Agency Strategy
Jason Kleinman
General Manager, Branded Content
Michael Shields
General Manager, Advanced Advertising
Keith Kazerman
Senior Vice President, CTV Revenue
Lindsey DiGiorgio
Vice President of Product Marketing
Monica O’Kelly
Vice President, Global Revenue Operations
Dan Goldin
Dana Kaplan
Vice President, of People


TripleLift believes in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our culture enables individuals to share their uniqueness and contribute as part of a team.

With our DEI initiatives, TripleLift aims to be a place that works for you, and where you can feel a sense of belonging.

To drive our inclusive culture, our People team, DEI roundtable, employee resource groups, and Executive Leadership Team support efforts to break down barriers and create sustainable change in our organization.

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