Airey Baringer

Director, Product Management, Privacy

Airey is the Director, Product Management, Privacy at TripleLift where he oversees the team responsible for defining and executing the company’s product and go-to-market strategy for privacy and identity solutions. Airey plays a major role in TripleLift’s product development for post-third party cookie solutions, including identity, contextual, and Privacy Sandbox solutions.

Prior to TripleLift, Airey led business and product development teams for consumer internet and SaaS products. Most recently, Airey was the Head of Product of Quantcast, where he focused on developing product and business solutions at the intersection of privacy and advertising.

Airey is involved in a number of industry trade groups including IAB Tech Lab, and W3C, and has contributed to establishing various best practices and protocols for privacy and identity including Project Rearc.

When Airey is not diving into the latest privacy policy changes, you can find him trail running, backpacking and eating his way through Southern California

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