TripleLift Gets Recertified for IAB UK Gold Standard and JICWEBS

By November 6, 2019 January 1st, 2020 No Comments

As part of our commitment to bringing transparency to the digital advertising industry, TripleLift has been certified by the IAB UK Gold Standard 1.1 and recertified by JICWEBS.

These initiatives ensure that the industry is constantly improving its digital advertising standards, focusing particularly on transparency, ad fraud, and brand safety. TripleLift is committed to being a part of initiatives that help improve transparency across the industry, empowering our partners and clients with the knowledge they need to maximise their ad revenue.

IAB UK Gold Standard 1.1

The IAB UK is committed to building a sustainable future for digital advertising. The organization created the Gold Standard 1.0 in 2017 as a key initiative of this vision. Their latest update, 1.1, was released earlier this year and adds new complex standards for technology companies to meet — including new criteria that must support ads.txt and the Coalition for Better Ads principles.

“Congratulations to TripleLift on their Gold Standard 1.1 certification — demonstrating its continued commitment to upholding best practice principles,” said Keren Tal, Digital Ad Standards Manager, IAB UK. By evolving its practice to ensure brand safety and fighting ad fraud, TripleLift is helping to build a sustainable future for digital advertising as a whole.”

To gain recertification, the IAB UK verified that at least 90 percent of the traffic TripleLift delivers includes a valid ads.txt file, while a minimum of 99 percent of the domains we work with conform to the Coalition for Better Ads standards.

JICWEBS Recertification

JICWEBS, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards, is an independent organisation that oversees the development of Good Practice and Standards for digital ad trading in the United Kingdom. Our reaccreditation means that we are now fully certified under the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) for brand safety. Previously, the only requirement for JICWEBS inclusion was registration along with an audit that needed to be completed in six months.