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We’re excited to show you our approach to Native

Native Advertising aligns itself with the look and feel of its environment.


Formatted like its surroundings


Located within the feed of content


Provides helpful information

Creative Made Simple
Beautiful Native Ads At Scale
Perfectly Formatted For Every Device
Native Meets Programmatic

TripleLift for Advertisers

Turn your content into beautiful in-feed native ads. TripleLift’s native exchange allows you access in-feed ad inventory across the world’s most premium publishers, directly through your own DSP. The evolution of display is here.

Beautiful Ads, New Revenue

TripleLift for Publishers

TripleLift offers a new source of website monetization that adds new, incremental revenue stream. In-feed ads match the unique look and feel of your site, adding to the consumers experience through seamlessly integrated ads. Your audience deserves great looking ads. TripleLift’s technology is here to help.

Native Programmatic At Your Fingertips

True RTB Purchase Power
Beautiful Ads Everytime

TripleLift has created proprietary computer vision technology which ‘reads’ images to understand the critical elements like faces, objects, text areas and more, to format the image perfectly – on any site across any device – every time

Buy Native Like Display

Enable biddable native inventory via existing RTB infrastructure, DSPs and bidders. No special integration necessary.

True RTB Purchase Power

TripleLift goes beyond programmatic to have a true RTB auction, enabling buyers and sellers to leverage unique data, bidding algorithms and real-time insights.

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