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Last week we discussed the benefits of performing A/B tests on images versus testing different variations of the ad copy.  This week we’ll share how one brand benefited from examining the most engaging images to drive maximum engagement and inform their multi-channel strategy.

We partnered with a global travel brand to execute a visually centric native advertising campaign targeting potential travelers.  From couples in their 20’s to families with children in the household, this travel brand wanted to drive on-site bookings and increase and brand awareness with a diverse audience.  To that fact, the brand supplied us with a variety of us big, beautiful images – each picture geared to a different group of travelers.

We tested different versions of the campaign to get a sense of performance and found that the image variations featuring young couples outperformed the other images catering to different demographics.

Travel Brand Examples

For mock purposes only

Understanding these insights gleaned from the images themselves, we tested more images in this audience group for the entire breadth of the campaign and found performance increased almost 2x more than the other images.

The travel brand used these insights and applied it to other areas of their marketing, including using the best performing images on their website landing page and in their email blasts.

The moral of the story?  You can learn about your marketing from looking at the images alone.