Another Study Shows Consumers Prefer Native

By March 5, 2015 No Comments

Over the summer, the IAB and Edelman surveyed over 5,000 consumers to get their opinions on native advertising.   According to the results, relevant and meaningful in-feed, sponsored content that tells a story was the most important factor for making an ad a success.  The take-away?  Consumers prefer native advertising.  Now, a new study is validating the results seen in the research conducted by the IAB.

A new report by the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), The Power of Native, finds that attitudes towards native advertising are positive, with three in five (59%) consumers claiming to find native advertising ‘interesting’.  When compared to traditional advertising, 42% more consumers find native ad drivers interesting and twice as many find them informative.  This is similar to how consumers responded within the IAB study, where they found native more appealing and less annoying that other forms of digital advertising.

Another similarity to the IAB study, the AOP study finds that native advertising garners greater levels of trust among consumers with a third (33%) more likely to trust native advertising than traditional advertising.  The IAB likely found that brands see an increase in trust with native.

Lastly, the report found that clicking on a native ad on a premium content website has greater impact than clicking via Facebook.  There’s something advertisers can certainly like.