Ask the Experts: Deals Best Practices, Part 1

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Ask the Experts - Part 1

According to eMarketer, 2020 is supposed to be the first year that deal spend surpasses open exchange spend — by 11%! We know that deals work well. We’ve seen great performance across our deals for Branded Video, Native, and now Direct Display. But for all the great performance we’ve seen, we’ve also seen confusion about when to activate a deal or how to set up campaigns in a way that doesn’t negatively impact deal spend. 

To help prepare buyers for this move towards the future of deal spend, we’ve created a two part series where we’ve interviewed two rising stars at TripleLift: Thomas Yi, Director of Campaign Management and Benazir Shareef, Senior Partner Manager. Today’s installment features Thomas Yi, who is an expert on all things campaign management and what it takes to knock campaign KPIs out of the park.

Thomas Yi, Director of Campaign Management, TripleLift

“From knowledge sharing initiatives, to updated collateral and everything in between, Campaign Managers are always seeking ways to improve efficiencies and processes at TripleLift.”

The Campaign Management team is tasked with making sure deals are running smoothly and delivering on KPIs. What’s a typical day in the life of a campaign manager like?

Thomas: The campaign management team prides itself on being able to wear many hats. Generally speaking, Campaign Managers will kick their day off with an organizational and housekeeping routine. Once finished with the typical housekeeping items like checking on emails, investigating ticket requests, and doign creative audit, Campaign Managers will jump into a range of requests: from generating tags and providing demo links for clients, to building RFP plans and decks, setting up campaigns, and investigating blockers and bugs. 

Campaign Management recently packaged up inventory for our Evergreen Deals for Direct Display launch. Can you tell us a little about how those packages are created? What goes into that process?

Thomas: Through Triplelift’s partnership with IAS and MOAT we are able to measure the viewability of every placement on the Triplelift exchange. With this data we create inventory packages of placements that meet certain viewability criteria. After packaging this inventory to meet 50/60/70 percent viewability needs, we create Evergreen deal ids for each DSP integrated with Tripelift that make it easy for our clients and brands to target this premium inventory through any platform they use to execute their digital buys.   

Afterwards, we are consistently evaluating and refreshing the placements in each package on an ongoing basis.

Campaign Management are troubleshooting experts when it comes to deals. What’s some practical advice you’d like our clients to know when running a campaign on deals?

Thomas: Triplelift is proud of the fact that we are able to offer many different deal types across a wide range of our offerings. In the interest of time I will focus on best practices for Native performance deals. 

Best Practices:

  • Set-up new deals for each unique campaign you plan to run. This ensures maximum performance as Triplelift will be able to send you custom inventory based on  the needs of each individual campaign. This also allows for your Triplelift Partner Manager to assist with monitoring performance for any given campaign and make adjustments to inventory based on the performance data they are seeing on our end,
  • Make sure to include the full deal name when setting them up in your DSP. Triplelift deals will always start with “tlx” and be followed by 5 or 6 digits (tlx-54356). 
  • When setting up a seat deal, make sure to send over accurate DSP seat information to your Triplelift Partner Manager. If you are unsure of where to find your seat information within your DSP, reach-out to your DSP rep or dedicated Triplelift Partner Manager for assistance. t. 
  • Don’t set a floor. Triplelift performance deals do not have floors on them. When setting up deals in your DSP please make sure to set a $0.00 floor (or $0.01 in the case your DSP does not allow for $0.00)
  • Communicate the below so that your Partner Managers can help optimize keeping in mind the variables that might affect your campaign:
    •  Accurate budgets and all targeting, audience, brand safety and/or viewability levers that are enabled on the campaign before going live. 
    • KPIs and benchmarks for success for your campaigns.
    • Performance reporting (viewability, conversion, etc.)

We thank Thomas for the expertise his team brings to the table. If you’re interested in activating a deal, reach out to your TripleLift representative or contact activate@triplelift.com — a Partner Manager and Campaign Manager will be there to help!