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How Advertisers Can Inspire More Spending on Dad [Infographic]

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Mother’s Day spending has long dominated the parental holiday season, but Father’s Day’s is quickly catching up. Father’s Day spending has increased by 70% in the last decade. In 2019, consumers are projected to spend the most they ever have for dad — totaling a projected $16 billion. Check out our infographic for insights on how much consumers are projected to spend on gifts, who’s spending the most, and how they plan to spend it.

Father's Day Spending Data Infographic

Tips for Brands

As brands and agencies approach Father’s Day, here are important tips to keep in mind for ad campaigns that successfully drive sales.

Offer Recommendations That Make It Easy

What do you get for the man who has everything? This is often the conundrum for consumers who are too overwhelmed with the question of what to get dad that they end up making impulse decisions that are convenient — whether they’re happy with them or not. That’s why 28% of consumers say they often look to retailers for recommendations. The storytelling in your ads should be inspirational and suggest different gift options for various dad personalities. Try visual formats like carousel and scroll that can tell multiple related stories in one visually captivating native experience.

Let Your Ad Campaigns Create Memorable Experiences

Consumers have plenty of choices for where they’ll spend their money, and they’re growing tired of the same old go-to gifts. That’s why 45% are specifically searching for a unique gift that stands out, 35% say they want to give something that creates a special memory, and 23% are planning on giving dad an experience gift this year. That means that no matter what you’re advertising, the storytelling for your campaign has to stand out and create an emotional, memorable experience. Try formats like image, cinemagraph, and branded video.

Tailor Ad Campaigns for Last-Minute Shoppers

Late shoppers will be in full force during the holiday weekend. Data shows that during the week leading up to Father’s Day, department stores see high increases in foot traffic, while foot traffic to electronics stores the day before Fathers’ Day exceeded the average by 42%. More than half of consumers will be using their mobile devices to search for gift options. Make sure your ad campaigns nearer to the holiday weekend make it seamless for consumers to go from online browsing to brick-and-mortar pick-ups.