No Foolin’: Native Programmatic is Here and Now

By April 1, 2015 No Comments

Not to sound like a broken record, but native programmatic is no April Fool’s Day joke – it’s the real deal.  At this very moment, marketers are transacting on native ad campaigns in real time across the web.  According to a report by the IDC, native programmatic as a category will reach $5.25B in revenue by 2018.  So for those who say native programmatic is not here, we say, you’re the fool.

Programmatic as a whole has reached a tipping-point.  For the first time this year, programmatic transactions will be a majority (52%) of non-search digital-ad spend. Business Insider Intelligence estimates 30.6% of total digital-ad spend will go to programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, and 21.7% will go to non-RTB programmatic.

Like many of the digital ad trends we are seeing today, it’s all stemming from mobile.  Mobile, which is becoming the preferred method of consuming media, ranks as the number 1 area of opportunity for programmatic, according research by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age.  Furthermore, eMarketer estimates that mobile programmatic display ad spending will nearly double this year, rising 88.4% to $8.36 billion, or 57.0% of total mobile display ad spending and 56.2% of total programmatic digital display ad spending. Next year, 68.0% of mobile display ad dollars will go toward programmatic as mobile accounts for nearly 70% of programmatic digital display ad spend.

Naturally, with native advertising becoming so prevalent, and a perfect fit for mobile, it too will see a massive shift to programmatic.  Yes, it will take some time to blowup as much as other areas, but the fact remains is we are already seeing the climb.  Now tell me it does not exist.