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TripleLift is the Go-to Alternative for Facebook

By July 1, 2020 July 28th, 2020 No Comments

Is your brand socializing with content you’d rather not be on Social?

More than 100 brands are pulling ads from Facebook and are boycotting the platform for allowing the spread of hate speech and misinformation via their content moderation practices. 

Small businesses in addition to goliaths like Coca-cola, Honda, and Unilever have pulled their dollars with the sentiment that this is no longer just a brand safety issue, but a moral and societal safety issue. If you’re a Marketer looking to allocate dollars with confidence, TripleLift can help.

The grass is greener, and cleaner with a trusted SSP partner.

TripleLift offers tools to help Marketers make decisions that align with their brand’s ethos, messaging, and as always: performance goals. Our 100% direct relationships with our massive publisher network means you don’t need to compromise scale and reach for quality.  

Brand Safe

  • White glove supply and demand auditing
    TripleLift has strict policies in place that ensure humans and technology audit all supply sources we work with, as well as your creative assets for flawless delivery.
  • Pre-bid fraud scan
    TripleLift works with WhiteOps to scan every impression pre-bid. If there is a chance the impression is fraudulent, we don’t even send the request to the DSP, killing off fraud before you have a chance to bid on it. 
  • All misinformation sites removed 


  • A portfolio of formats with no resold impressions.
    Buy TripleLift’s Native, Display, Branded video, In-stream, and OTT across inventory that is directly sourced from the same SSP you already work with – just with no resellers. Increase efficiency, reliability, and quality by reducing the number of SSPs and intermediaries you work with. 
  • Filter UGC (user generated content)
    Sites and platforms that allow user generated content can be difficult to monitor. A deal that excludes sites that host UGC.


Getting started is easy. We can convert your Facebook ads into beautiful, scalable Branded Video and Native placements, so you can be up and running on your DSP of choice in less than 24 hours.

Download our creative conversion cheat sheet below to see how simple it can be.