Video Advertising & Our Brains: Watch Ari Lewine at IAB UK Engage 2019 [Video]

By June 26, 2019 December 17th, 2019 No Comments

Are video advertisers ignoring their very own wisdom? TripleLift’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Ari Lewine believes so.

At IAB UK Engage 2019, Ari’s presentation ‘Video Advertising & Our Brains’ highlights that while both banner blindness and ad blockers are on the rise, the industry’s response has generally been to make ads bigger and more intrusive. Instead of offering a naturally engaging experience, the industry has convinced itself that relying on forced views is working.

But really, it alienates people — and the industry knows it. There’s ample evidence to show that video engagement and brand recall are suffering due to ineffective video ads. Ari also reminds us that those in the advertising industry are also consumers. If advertisers find an ad annoying, so will their audiences. So, why do ineffective ads persist? Ari believes it’s due to cognitive dissonance — the act of knowing one thing and feeling or doing another. In this video, Ari unpacks why humans act against their own knowledge, and introduces ways to fix that with a new business model that centers people. He also unveils a new non-interruptive video format that matches the look and feel of a publisher — one that receives view rates as high as 75% and 38% higher brand recall than traditional outstream video.

Watch the full video below!